The most important investment you can put into your bike.


Whether you are buying a new Custom bike, or upgrading your existing ride we will always recommend a professional Bike Fit.

We have seen a single bike fit do wonders for serious competitors and weekend riders alike. Whether for an existing bike or for a custom build, a bike fit will have you riding at your perfect level of comfort and optimal power output, whatever the reason you ride a bike.⁣⁣⁣

In house we have a professional fitting studio with some of the worlds most advanced equipment to show what your body is doing while you pedal. 

Combine this with Wei who is our resident fitter and owner of Foundation Fit we are sure that your experience on a bike will be transformed once you finish your session!

Wei is a Torke certified bike fitter, with over 10 years of experience within the bike industry and an Level 2 British Triathlon Coach.

"As a dedicated bike fitter, you can be confident all my energy is focused on finding the best fit result for you, and that’s it. I won’t use bike fitting to sell bikes or be distracted by having to push certain products. I offer a completely impartial and personal fitting service for each rider. Every rider is an individual with a different history, experiences and bio-metrics, so every fit will require different solutions.

This is also why I won’t rigidly follow one bike fit methodology. Humans are complicated and there are no universal laws. I use a mixture of video analysis, functional assessment, rider feedback, angle measurement and comparative testing to find the best results for each rider.

My aim is to find bike fit solutions that really work, but also educate my fit clients as much as possible, so they can ride away with more knowledge, confidence and empowered to manage their bike positions as they develop. Recognising that bike fitting is a progressive process is important. Our bodies are changing all the time, adapting, absorbing and learning.

A Foundation bike fit is designed to be a holistic process to create a balanced, long-term relationship between you and your bike, allowing you to ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!"

To book a bike fit with Wei at Cloud 9 Cycles, please click HERE where you will see a link to Weis availability

Once you find a time that suits you please email and Wei will get you booked in. 

The cost of a fit @ Cloud 9 Cycles is £249 which includes a 3 hour fit and a free 1 hour follow up session.


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